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We are a web development agency based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, providing high-quality services to international customers mainly to Japan. This is a start-up company starting with 30 professional engineers built by two Japanese engineers and business professionals. We are eager to develop creative, innovative, cutting-edge technology and businesses such as web service and system, mobile (iOS and Android) application, etc. Any engineers and developers interested in the international-standard business are all welcome.

Job Description

– Designs develop and modify software modules based on functional and system requirements, according to code standards and user interface design guidelines
– Performs program maintenance, modifications, and enhancements to existing applications through programming, testing, documenting and training users
– Contribute clean code to ensure a consistently high-quality standard
– Propose and assess solutions to resolve problems, including identifying and evaluating new technologies and third-party components
– Understand and execute the technical concepts and the client requirements to ensure the high-quality technical solution
– Understand and be able to explain the roles and responsibilities within the Scrum Team and how to work in an Agile environment
– Provide more complicated automated test method and understand the test-driven development concept
– Be able to give accurate rough estimations and point out dependencies between issues

Job Requirement

– Have logical thinking and knowledge of basic mathematical logic
– Knowledge of basic computer science and basic software testing (Whitebox/Blackbox test)
– Can write codes for a few algorithms
– Knowledge of basic OOP and its essential factors (Not only definition)
– Understand trendy design model patterns such at least MVC as an application of OOP
– Experience of any programming languages such as node.js/Ruby/PHP/Python/C#/JAVA
– Proficiency in HTML5/CSS3/JS
– Experience of implementing Ajax interfaces on the backend
– Understand SQL commands and ORMs
– High understanding of client’s requirements for the business domain of the product
– Can properly design DB structures in accordance with client’s requirements
– Can review codes for other developers and understand how to write codes readable
– Love to read books
– High level of English communication
Please tell us your knowledge about each topic above in the interview

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Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Phnom Penh
This job has expired.